‘An insult to the people of State’

Special Correspondent

Fall of BJP Government evokes mixed reactions among residents in the city

‘Development works picked up pace under President’s Rule’

‘Janata Dal (S) saved the State and the people’

Bangalore: The decision of the Janata Dal (S) not to support the motion of confidence which led to the fall of the Yeddyurappa Government has drawn mixed reactions from the public.

While supporters and sympathisers of the BJP were angry with Janata Dal (S) president H.D. Deve Gowda, people with no particular political preferences hailed the fall of the Government as a victory of democratic forces.

Yogesh, a chemist who had come with his friends from Hirisave in Hassan district to watch the Assembly proceedings, felt that there was no point blaming Mr. Deve Gowda for the happenings.

The stand taken by the Janata Dal (S) to “jettison the communal BJP” had saved the State and the people. However, it found it wrong on the part of the Janata Dal (S) leaders for striking a deal with the BJP for the second time.

K. Venkatanarayana Rao, a retired insurance firm official, said Mr. Yeddyurappa took the decision to submit his resignation. “He has come out of the clutches of the Deve Gowda family, which was making his political life miserable,” he said.

Shashikumar Jamadagni, a Bangalore-based engineer with his own business agency, said it was good that the BJP did not get to hold the reins of power for long.

He felt that the Janata Dal (S) should not join hands with the Congress as it was no better than the BJP.

‘No priority’

Saraswathi Bai, a high school teacher, said the political developments did not augur well for the country. Public representatives, irrespective of party affiliations, had insulted the people of the State. “We should blame ourselves for having elected people for whom social development is not a priority,” she said.

G.R. Chandran, a chartered accountant, wondered whether there was a need to have an elected government at all.

Quoting examples, he said development works had picked up pace whenever the State was under President’s Rule.

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