Lively talks on day 2 of Manipal lit fest

Lively discussions marked the second day of Manipal Literature Festival here on Friday.

A theatre workshop by theatre personality Shweta Rani on ‘body culture for theatre practice’ had various activities. “The idea,” as she explained, “is to take one look within and understand the characters. As characterisation is important, these exercises will help actors prepare for acting.”

An interactive theatre workshop on ‘Theatre-in-Context’ was presented by director Gautam Sonti, Theatre Flamingo group, and Theatre Samurai group. K.V. Akshara and Vidyanidhee Vanarase were present to elaborate on films, all themed on regional theatre groups.

Marathi vocalist and director Sameer Dubey, in his talk on Theatre Music, said, “The reason that Sangeet Natak emerged as a major platform of expression was the compulsion imposed by the British on Indians and the desire for Indians to find a new identity.”

The meet had social commentator Charu Nivedita in conversation with Deepti Sreeram, on ‘Symbols of Diversity in Writing: Voicing Dissent’. Mr. Nivedita, a lover of Latin American cinema and French culture, was quizzed about his book Zero Degree and the backlash he faced because of his reviews of Tamil films.

Playwright Atamjit Singh was in conversation with Animesh Bahadur on ‘The Relevance of Dramatic Efforts’. Dr. Singh told the audience about his theatrical journey and how his dramatic content has been providing a modern insight into the interpretation of characters in conflict with a hostile world.

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