Laparoscopic surgery on 15-month-old child successful

BELLARY, OCT. 7. Sanjeev Joshi, paediatric surgeon, S.K. Arun, laparoscopic surgeon, and Devanand, anaesthetist, have successfully performed a laparoscopic surgery (keyhole surgery) on a 15-month-old child with bilateral undescended testes and corrected the deformity at the Dr. S.K. Pandurangarao Hospital here.

The testes of the baby was high up inside the abdomen and had failed to descend into the scrotum at the time of delivery. Absence of testes in the scrotum could lead to atrophy of the testes and also increase the chances of malignancy, resulting in loss of function, according to a press release.

The surgeons, who decided to use laparoscopic surgery, cut a small hole in the abdomen and found the testes inside. They dissected and separated them and brought it close to the groin. Subsequently a very small incision was made in the groin and testes were placed in the base of the scrotum. The child was discharged after two days, the release said.