Lalitkala Academy to bring out VCDs

GULBARGA, MARCH 3. The Central Laliltkala Academy will release video compact discs (VCDs) on masters of Indian art. The CDs will highlight the work of the masters of Indian Art whose works have carved a niche for themselves in the international arena of art and paintings.

The academy Chairman, R.B. Bhaskaran, in an exclusive interview to The Hindu here, said the release of the VCDs was part of the golden jubilee celebrations of the academy to enable every household to possess the paintings of Indian masters and have a glimpse of the rich Indian culture and art.

Prof. Bhaskaran was here to inaugurate the "Kala Mahotsava-2004", the annual art fair of the Ideal Fine Arts Society, on Tuesday.

He said the golden jubilee of the academy would be dedicated to acknowledge and recognise the services of innumerable artists who had made it possible to take the Indian art to great heights at the international level.

He said that because of the support extended by the academy all these years, many artists and painters had earned international recognition and fame. The academy now possessed 6,000 art works of great artists and this itself was a proof of the support extended by the academy.

Prof. Bhaskaran said the academy, which had five regional centres in Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, and Lucknow proposed to open two more regional centres at Ahmedabad and one in North-Eastern States to improve accessibility to budding artists in the field of painting, sculptures, graphic art, and ceramics to service facilities and studios to fine tune their abilities.

The Regional Centres of the Academy act as facilitators for budding artists by providing them full fledged studio, library, casting facilities, and ceramic kiln facilities.

A permanent gallery is established in the centres to enable the budding artists to exhibit their works on a regular basis.

He said the academy was ready to open more regional centres in other States, provided the respective State governments responded well to it.

Still many States, including Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, which had a rich cultural and art history, did not have lalitkala academy to encourage art.

Ironically, the Karnataka Lalitkala Academy, which operated from Andhra Pradesh till the Eighties, had been winded up for reasons best known to the powers that be.

He said that the situation in the field of art in the country was good, particularly after Independence.

The artists and painters had gained international recognition.

The Central Lalitkala Academy, besides supporting the artists through fellowships and scholarship, conducted regular national-level exhibitions in all major cities. It also held international exhibition once in three years. Artists from various countries were invited to exhibit their work in the exhibition. Prizes were given to best works.

The publication wing of the academy published ancient publication of traditional arts, including tribal, folk, and modern India paintings. It published a contemporary magazine.