Labour movements losing importance: union leader

Radhakrishna, State president of the All-India United Trade Union Centre (AIUTUC), has said that there is a need to launch a trade union movement free from all kinds of compromises.

Addressing delegates at a State-level conference of the union here on Sunday, Mr. Radhakrishna expressed concern over what he described as struggles and labour movements losing importance because of enmity within unions and the presence of multiple trade unions all claiming to be leftists.

Mr. Radhakrishna claimed that the AIUTUC, established by Marxist Shivadas Ghosh, was the only organisation capable of eradicating capitalistic society and striving for the welfare of the working class. Mr. Radhakrishna appealed to the people to support the AIUTUC and participate in the protests launched by it.


Calls for nationalisation of mines, monthly wages for Accredited Social Health Activists and minimum wages for those working in sponge iron units were among the major resolutions that were adopted at the conference. A new committee was constituted during the conference with Mr. Radhakrishna continuing as president.

M.S. Prakash, K.V. Bhat and Somashekar Yadgiri will be vice-presidents while K. Somashekar will be the secretary.

M. Sashidhar, Tayidas, N.S. Veeresh, D. Nagalakshmi and P.S. Shanmugam are members of the secretariat.

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