KRRS demands higher MSP for paddy and maize

Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha (KRRS) and Hasiru Sene have demanded for revision in the minimum support price for paddy and maize.

In a press release, functionaries of Hasiru Sene Y.G. Mallikarjun and K. Raghavendra urged the Government to fix Rs. 2,000 as support price for a quintal of paddy and Rs. 1,500 for maize this year. Both paddy and maize were purchased at a price of Rs. 800 a quintal in the open market.

Cost of production

The price of agriculture inputs had been moving northwards in recent times. The price of chemical fertilizers such as urea and potash had doubled in six months.

According to a survey sponsored by the Department of Agriculture, the cost of production of a quintal of paddy stood at Rs. 1,523. The Centre had announced Rs. 1,130 as support price for a quintal of “A grade” paddy and Rs. 1,030 for “B grade” paddy.

Mr. Mallikarjuna and Mr. Raghavendra have termed the support price fixed by the government as unscientific. They have sought a scientific support price for paddy and maize which would consider the cost of production.

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