`Kalam's election shows India's inner strength'

Bangalore July 26. The Legislative Council on Friday felicitated A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on his becoming the President. Members, who spoke on the occasion, said his election showed the inner strength of India and the deep roots of democracy in the country.

The Home and Minor Irrigation Minister, Mallikarjun Kharge, read out the congratulatory message in the House.

The Janata Dal (S) leader, K.H. Srinivasa, said that in the election, the BJP, considered to be inimical to minorities, sponsored the candidature of Dr. Kalam to the highest office, which spoke richly of the inner strength of India.

M.P. Prakash (JD-U) said Dr. Kalam was not only a scientist but a poet and a musician.

M.R. Tanga (BJP) hoped Dr. Kalam would be able to implement his "vision" for the country.

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