JD(S) seeks ban on exit polls

MYSORE, APRIL 24. The Working President of the Janata Dal (Secular), B.R. Patil, said today that the results of exit polls were biased and demanded that they be banned.

Addressing presspersons here, Mr. Patil said that exit polls were restricted to urban centres and they had not even given an identity to the Janata Dal (S).

Though the leaders of the Janata Dal (S) were confident of forming a government in the State, exit polls and election surveys had grouped the party along with "others".

Though the Congress had opposed exit polls, it was using them in its campaign.

This showed the dual policy of the Congress, which used such results when they favoured it, he said. Mr. Patil said exit polls had been conducted with the intention of keeping away the Janata Dal (S) from power. He demanded that the State Government release the intelligence report on the outcome of the election.

He claimed that the report stated that the Janata Dal (S) would return to power.

Urging the media to be impartial while conducting election surveys and exit polls, the Janata Dal (S) leader, P. Kodandaramaiah, said the results of exit polls would have some impact on the voters.

To a question, he said the Janata Dal (S) would get sufficient number of seats to form a government.

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