Janata Dal (S) criticises India's vote against Iran at meeting of IAEA

Executive Committee meeting says country has given up non-alignment policy

Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: The national Executive Committee of the Janata Dal (Secular) on Wednesday expressed its "resentment" over India's vote in favour of the resolution tabled by the U.S. against Iran in the governing body meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The JD(S) is extending outside support to the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government.

Announcing this, party General Secretary Bapu Kaldate said the meeting adopted a resolution in this regard.

"India could have abstained on the vote as Russia and China have done. By this action, the Government has joined in the rabid campaign of threats and blackmail launched by the U.S. against Iran. The campaign is reminiscent of the horrifying events in Iraq in 2003 and later. Our Government has also given up the age-old policy of non-alignment," it said.

By another resolution, the committee urged the Centre to persuade other developing countries to insist at the next ministerial conference of World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Hong Kong in December that there could be no negotiations on the Doha Round or the Singapore issues unless the rich countries reduce farm and export subsidies substantially. In addition, the Centre should reimpose quantitative restrictions on import of agricultural products to protect farmers from competition from heavily subsidised foreign products.

In another resolution, the committee urged the Centre to treat the recent floods in Karnataka and Maharashtra as tsunami-like tragedies as they were unprecedented. The normal course of calamity relief is not enough, it said.

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