Jain muni begins `Kadave pravachan' in Hubli

Staff Correspondent

HUBLI: "Religion shows the direction and science gives the momentum."

"Synchronisation of both help the human beings in reaching their goals", Jain Muni Sri Tarunsagar Maharaj has said.

The Jain Munisri, who will be the "Pramukh Vakta" at the "Maha Mastakabhishekh" to be held at Shravanabelgola began his five-day "Kadave pravachan" at a specially erected pandal here on Sunday.

Addressing a gathering, which included people from various communities, the Jain Munisri said: "You have the tools for achievement.

"But your achievement is nil. You have forgotten achievement amidst numerous tools. If the same thing continues the result will be obviously dangerous," he said.

The Jain Muni regretted that religion and several religious leaders have become puppets in the hands of a few selfish people and consequently the words have lost their meaning.

Miscreants are using the administrative power for their benefits without taking into account the welfare of the common man, he said. "We need power. But that should be used for constructive and welfare works. The power should be decentralised," the jain muni said.