It’s time to save your favourite beach

The trash being washed ashore during the monsoon is a challenge to the beaches of the district.

The trash being washed ashore during the monsoon is a challenge to the beaches of the district.  

If beaches are the places you love to hang out, may be it is time to show you care for them. You can be part of a campaign ‘Save My Beach’ on September 1.

It will kick start simultaneously at 7 a.m. on 10 beaches on the day: Someshwara Beach, Bengre Beach, Tannirbavi (Church-Forest Guest House), Tannirbavi (Main Beach), Panambur Beach, Chitrapura Beach, Hosabettu Beach, Surathkal Beach, Surathkal Light House and Mukka Beach.

The campaign will begin with breathing exercise, guided by Gopalkrishna Delampady broadcast through local FM channel. A blood donation camp is also planned on the day, said Yatish Baikampady, CEO, Panambur Tourism Development Project.

At least four organisations, in association with the Mangalore City Corporation, have organised a one-day campaign to clean 10 beaches in Mangalore. The campaign is organised by Mata Amritanandamayi Mutt. Educational institutions and clubs such as local youth clubs, Lions Club, Rotary Clubs and Kanara Small Scale Industries Association (KSSIA) are supporting the campaign while Mangalore City Corporation will be collecting the garbage gathered after the campaign.

Mr. Yathish told reporters that the greatest challenge the coast in the district faced was from the trash being washed ashore during the monsoon. Apart from creating a negative effect on the environment and people, in the long term, it also affected the economic benefits of tourism. He said it also hit coast’s biodiversity and the ecosystem services in the sea and on land.

Those interested may contact: Someshwara Beach (Jeevan 92433-07165), Bengre Beach (Venkatesh Pai 98450-82290), Tannirbavi (Church-Forest Guest House, Harsha Samrajya 94491-04890), Tannirbavi (Main Beach, Dr. Naveen Shetty 94485-02972), Panambur Beach (Gaurav Hegde 98450-80307), Chitrapura Beach (Swarna Sunder 94482-41023), Hosabettu Beach (Ravilochana Achar 98440-87561), Surathkal Beach (Sudha U. Shetty 94490-07398), Surathkal Light House beach (Revathi Puthran 94485-03925), Mukka (M.R. Vasudeva 94481-25412).

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