Industry worried as Goa is facing power shortage

Korba power station develops snag, needs overhaul

Special Correspondent

PANAJI: Industry in Goa is getting increasingly apprehensive as the State is suddenly facing a power problem with the 500 MW power generating unit at Korba Central Sector Power Station of the western region, which allocates power to the State, developing a serious snag inviting a major overhaul.

With loadshedding during peak hours being resorted to by the State Power Department to tide over the problem, the industry has been at the receiving end. Sources in the Power Department indicated that the problem could persist for at least two months.

Goa, at present, receives power supply from the central sector power station of the western and southern region. The normal availability of power from the western region is 200 MW and from the southern region 50 MW.

The sources said with the Korba unit being out of service, the allocated share of Goa has dropped to 150 MW from the western region. Much to its plight, the Chandrapur substation in the western region has also developed a problem and is also undergoing an overhaul.

It was pointed out that with the outage of these two substations, the western region was facing an acute shortfall of power requirement especially during the peak hours (6 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.). The shortfall during the peak hours goes to the extent of 5,000 MW, and as a result, frequency during this period drops substantially compelling all the constituents of the region to opt for loadshedding.

Department officials said that during daytime, Goa is able to tide over this problem because of the cooperation from the southern region which supplies additional power beyond its allocated share. However, during the evening peak hours, the southern region is unable to supply additional power to the State.

The State produces around 50 MW of power of its own — through Reliance Salgaonkar's mini power plant. As such it heavily relies on Grid power for its needs. It has been compelled to resort to loadshedding during the peak hours.

The industry has been asked to switch off power supply during this period. The Government has also urged the people to try to curtail the use of power during the peak hours.

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