Increasing HIV/AIDS cases, a cause for concern

MADIKERI, AUG. 14. Of the 5,61,617 people screened all over the State from 1987 to May 2004, 30,438 tested HIV positive, according to the monthly update on HIV infection in the State based on reports by the Karnataka State Aids Prevention Society (KSAPS).

Of the 2,001 AIDS patients, 1,598 are men and 403 women. According to statistics, 218 people died in the State during period. H.S. Suresh, Regional Adviser, National Social Service (NSS), Bangalore, revealed these details to The Hindu on Saturday.

Of the 30,438 HIV positive cases, 24,695 were through sexual transmission (81.13 per cent), 786 through blood transfusion (2.58 per cent), 854 through prenatal transmission (2.81 per cent), and 160 through syringes and needles (0.53 per cent). A total of 3,943 cases came under the "not known" and "not specified" group (12.95 per cent), he said.


Of the 2,001 AIDS cases, 88.70 per cent was through sexual transmission, 67 through prenatal transmission (3.35 per cent), 14 through the use of syringe (0.70 per cent), 13 through blood transfusion (0.65 per cent), and 132 (6.60 per cent) came under the "not specified" category.

There was no HIV positive or AIDS case when 913 blood samples were tested in the State in 1987. But in 1988, six of the 2,264 blood samples had HIV virus <149>and two tested AIDS positive. Of the 218 deaths due to AIDS, 40 were reported in 2002.

HIV/AIDS cases

The number of HIV positive cases recorded in 1989 was 32. One AIDS case was recorded that year.

In 1990, 58 HIV positive cases and one AIDS case were reported, 86 HIV positive cases and one AIDS case in 1991, 168 HIV positive and two AIDS cases in 1992, 868 HIV positive and nine AIDS cases in 1993, 425 HIV positive and 15 AIDS cases in 1994, 439 HIV positive and 12 AIDS cases in 1995, 697 HIV positive and 22 AIDS cases in 1996, 847 HIV positive and 58 AIDS cases in 1997, 1,023 HIV positive and 44 AIDS cases in 1998, 1,319 HIV positive and 200 AIDS cases in 1999, 1,965 HIV positive and 446 AIDS cases in 2000, 2,900 HIV positive and 541 AIDS cases in 2001, 4,488 HIV positive and 294 AIDS cases in 2002, 10,233 HIV positive and 259 AIDS cases in 2003, and 4,884 HIV positive and 94 AIDS cases from January till May this year.


No death was recorded in 1987, two deaths in 1988, one each in 1989 and 1991, two in 1992, nine in 1993, 13 in 1994, 12 in 1995, seven in 1996, 17 in 1997, 12 in 1998, 20 in 1999, 19 in 2000, 27 in 2001, 40 in 2002, 27 in 2003 and eight from January to May this year.

Among the four divisions in the State, Bangalore (Urban) recorded 4,939 HIV positive cases and 46 deaths due to AIDS from 1987 to April 2004.

The lowest incidence was in Kodagu where 120 people were <149>tested positive for HIV and one died of AIDS. No death was recorded in Davangere district in Bangalore Division, which recorded 531 HIV positive and 41 AIDS cases.

Similarly, no death was recorded in Chamarajanagar district in Mysore Division, which recorded 204 HIV positive and three AIDS cases during the period. Bijapur in Belgaum Division too reported no death though it registered 1,092 HIV positive and four AIDS cases. Surprisingly, Bellary in Gulbarga d<149>ivision, which recorded 2,517 HIV positive and 50 AIDS cases, did not report any death.

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