Illegal water connections to be regularised

Chitradurga CMC to levy penalty of Rs. 5,500 on each connection

Staff Correspondent

CHITRADURGA: All illegal water connections in Chitradurga City Municipal Council limits will be regularised soon.

The Chitradurga City Municipal Council at its general body meeting on Thursday decided to regularise the illegal connections by levying a penal fee.

Many members pleaded for the extension of time for getting the illegal connections regularised stating that several such connections exist in large numbers in spite of extension of the last date for regularisation on 18 occasions.

D.N. Mylarappa and C.T. Krishnamurthy, former presidents of CMC, suggested the collection of Rs. 3,000 instead of the present penalty of Rs. 7,000 to regularise illegal connections as the number of such connections exceed 1,000 and many people will come forward to regularise their connections if the tariff is reduced.

Kantharaju, president of CMC, said that the fee for the new connection itself comes around Rs. 3,000 hence some penalty must be levied. Some members opined that connection should be metered after regularisation so as to minimise wastage and enhance the income of the CMC.

Niranjana Murthy insisted on not troubling the poor as most of the complexes and houses of rich are responsible for the misuse of water.

Mr. Kantharaju assured that no extension of deadline is under consideration and a penalty of Rs. 5,500 will be levied from the very next day.

The Directorate of Municipal Administration has instructed the CMC to pay Rs. 48.50 lakhs, in which the interest component is Rs. 35.78 lakhs, to the State Pollution Control Board.

The members of CMC strongly questioned the wisdom of paying such a huge sum, as the Board has rendered no service to the town and not even established a single water purification unit. It was decided to refer the matter to the Government.

B.G. Nandagopal raised the problems of merchants in the Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee Yard who have refused to pay tax citing the unjustified enhancement of tax and lack of civic amenities as reasons for their refusal and insisted on the revision of tax.

Mr. Kantharaju said that the proposal for revision of tax has already been submitted to the Government for approval by Deputy Commissioner.

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