H.K. Patil appeals to human rights panel to approach HC

H.K. Patil

H.K. Patil  

Former Congress Minister and Public Accounts Committee Chairman H.K. Patil on Monday appeared before the Karnataka State Human Rights Commission and appealed to it to approach the High Court of Karnataka to issue directions to the government to provide timely and quality treatment to COVID-19 patients.

Highlighting 10 major problems faced by COVID-19 patients in Karnataka, particularly Bengalaru, Mr. Patil appealed to the commission to file a writ petition in the court to give directions to the government for ensuring ambulances for COVID-19 patients within an hour after the confirmation of positive cases, and admission to a hospital or care centre within three hours for better treatment.

Mr. Patil highlighted instances of negligence in dealing with patients of COVID-19 and demanded compensation for families whose members died owing to poor treatment and lack of facilities.

He also sought directions to the government for conducting cremation of those who died of COVID-19 within 36 hours with honour and dignity.

Earlier, Mr. Patil in a letter to the commission complained about the alleged ‘inhuman’ manner in which those who died of COVID -19 were treated in various districts “causing gross violation of human rights of the people of the State”.

The Congress leader urged the commission to approach the High Court since it was empowered to make only recommendations to the government.

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