HEA final year students assemble `X-Kart', `Dirt Quad'

Bangalore March 29. Bangalore's go-karting tracks may soon see another version of "karting" as its avid fans call it.

The final year automobile engineering students of the Hindustan Electronics Academy (HEA), Marathahalli, have designed the vehicle and have called it `X-Kart'. The students, Parmod, Vicky George, Manikandan, and Ramakrishna claim this costs much less than the go-karts now available in India and could make this sport more popular and affordable.

In their search for a simple machine that can be fabricated easily, using a dependable and proven power unit, the students were guided by faculty members, Michael and Ravindra. The X-Kart has a 100 cc Kinetic Honda engine generating a maximum power of 7.7 BHP and can reach a speed of 70 kmph.

The students designed the body, which provides for both speed and safety. Another batch of final year students from the same institution, Dharmendra, Sameer, Kaushik, Shiva, and Samarth have designed the small four-wheeler called "Dirt Quad" which can be used in amusement parks, beaches, golf courses, and even by the armed forces for patrolling in a desert terrain.

The U.S. forces in Afghanistan have used similar vehicles. This highly manoeuvrable vehicle has a 100 cc engine, maximum power of 8.5 BHP and can reach a speed of 70 kmph.

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