Govt. urged to supersede CMC

RAICHUR, DEC. 6. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today demanded that the Government supersede the Raichur City Municipal Council (CMC) in the wake of the alleged maladministration and misuse of funds in the past six years.

Addressing presspersons here, A. Papa Reddy, Raichur MLA, said many members of the municipality and officials were involved in misuse of funds. In past six years, the municipality spent crores of rupees in the name of development. But there was no improvement in basic amenities. He said the officials were functioning at the behest of a group of councillors. While implementing projects, they did not formulate plans and get them approved from the authorities concerned. They created false documents and bills and got funds sanctioned, he alleged.The municipality had constructed some commercial complexes in the city to improve its income.

It had leased out 217 shops and secured Rs. 71 lakhs as lease money and Rs. 53 lakhs as security deposits annually. But there was no mention about the security deposits in the municipality records. The annual income from these complexes had been mentioned as only Rs. 16 lakhs. The officials did not fix rentals according to the market value. In several cases, they did not recover dues from defaulters, he charged. Mr. Reddy appealed to the Deputy Commissioner and the Administrator of the municipality, H.V. Parsvanath, to order an inquiry into the affairs of the civic body and recommend to the Government to supersede it.

Inquiry sought

Meanwhile, the Raichur District Congress Committee today demanded that the Government order an inquiry into the alleged maladministration and misuse of funds in the Raichur municipality.

Addressing presspersons, A. Vasanthkumar, President of the Raichur Rural Block Congress and councillor, alleged that a group of councillors led by M. Eranna, former President, had misused funds by producing false documents and fictitious bills in the name of development works.

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