Governments to be urged to stop outsourcing, contract system

AIUTUC to hold State-level workers’ conference next month

The All-India United Trade Union Centre (AIUTUC), at its State-level workers' conference to be held from January 4 to 6, will demand that the State and Union governments abolish, what it described as ‘contractorisation’ and outsourcing of labour.

Announcing this at a press conference here on Wednesday, AIUTUC Working Committee member T.S. Suneeth Kumar said permanent jobs and job security had become a thing of the past owing to appointment of workers on contract and outsourcing of labour in almost all sectors.

Dr. Kumar alleged that it was exploitative as there was discrimination with regard to working hours, salary, allowance and other facilities. The contract system benefited management and owners, he alleged. With closure of factories and retrenchment of workers, attacks and harassment of workers were also on the rise, he claimed. He said that in the absence of permanent jobs, benefits such as Provident Fund and Employees State Insurance Scheme were only on paper in a majority of organisations.‘Pathetic condition’

The condition of workers in the unorganised sector, constituting nearly 94 per cent of the working class population, was pathetic as they worked for minimal wages without any benefits or social security.

Dr. Kumar alleged that the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) had only encouraged corruption, misappropriation and misuse of crores of funds. It was in this background that the January conference gained importance as it aimed to unite workers in the fight to protect their rights and interests.


The demands to be placed before the government through the conference include withdrawal of privatisation policies and FDI in multi-brand retail, abolishing contract system, fixing minimum wages at Rs. 15,000 per month as per International Labour Organisation standards, judicious monthly wages for health activists and anganwadi workers, nationalisation of mining and security for mine workers.

To a question, Dr. Kumar said trade union movements in the country had weakened over a period of time as the leadership concentrated more on securing benefits rather than making common cause with other sections of workers. For instance, bank employees showed little interest in the struggle against privatisation after they were assured of job security, he said.

AIUTUC to hold State-level workers’ conference

next month

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