Generator users may have to pay tax

BANGALORE Oct. 22. All those with generators of less than 12.5 kV capacity, i.e. used in houses, shops, small businesses etc., may soon have to pay a monthly tax of Rs. 2 per kV. to the Government.

The Chief Electrical Inspector to Government (CEIG), T. Munirathnam, told presspersons here on Wednesday that he had sent a proposal seeking such a tax to the State Government.

This proposal, he said, stemmed from a recent Ordinance, effective from October 16, making it mandatory for all those with generators (who generate power for own use or sell it to others) to pay 50 paise per unit per month, till 1 July 2004.

However, as the office of the CEIG only gave licences and meters to generators of 12.5 kV and above, it did not know how many generators of less than 12.5 kV. capacity were there. And, they did not have the manpower to check each and every generator.

"That is why I have suggested a flat rate for generators of less than 12.5 kV," he said.

But he had asked that farmers, who used generators for agricultural purposes, be exempted from the Rs. 2 per kV. tax.

The CEIG would act on the proposal as soon as Government approved it, he said.

Mr. Munirathnam said he also wanted all people with generators "to voluntarily disclose their capacity" to the CEIG's office or their jurisdictional electrical inspector.

The CEIG added that his office expected to collect between Rs. 120 crore and Rs. 150 crore from owners of generators of 12.5 kV. and above.

For more clarifications, call the CEIG on 228 5501.

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