Four arrested, narcotics worth Rs. 2 crores seized

`The special squad kept a vigil on the movements of the gang and the kind of people they interacted with'

Special Correspondent

MYSORE: The district police solved a case involving the trafficking of brown sugar and seized contraband worth over Rs. 2 crores in a late night operation on Thursday.

The Additional Superintendent of Police H.R. Bhagavan Das told presspersons on Friday that four persons have been arrested in this connection and efforts are on to arrest the kingpin behind the racket.

The arrested have been identified as Satish, Nagaraj, Nataraj and Samiullah, all from Mysore district.

Tip off

Mr. Das said Abdul Latif, a constable attached to the Mysore South Police Station, was tipped off about the racket and received a clue following which he immediately alerted his superiors. A special squad was constituted and the members spent two months tracking the gang.

The squad kept a vigil on the movements of the gang and the kind of people they interacted with.

The squad had been issued directives that any arrests should be made with incontrovertible proof.

Finally, the squad succeeded in zero-in on the gang and identified four persons.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Harishchandra and Inspector Kantharaju approached them posing as prospective customers and dealers in brown sugar and offered to pay Rs. 5 lakhs a kg.

After repeated bargaining and many phone calls later a deal was struck and the gang agreed to meet the "customers" near a restaurant on Mysore-Ooty Road.

Having won their confidence, members of the squad lured the gang of four to sell the entire contraband that was in their possession.

The drug traffickers did not suspect their motive and handed over the contraband to them. Inspector C.D. Jagdish, who was also part of the squad, confirmed that the narcotic was indeed brown sugar and the cash was handed over to the gang.

Soon after, police personnel, who were hanging around in mufti, arrested the four.

Upon interrogation, the four revealed the involvement of a doctor in drug trafficking and their plans to sell drugs to college students, said Mr. Das.

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