First-time applicants not to get a site in Arkavathy Layout

Divya Ramamurthi

Aspirants over 45 who have made five prior attempts stand a good chance

A new list of allottees is expected in April first week Five per cent of applicants who were short-listed earlier may be left out `Very young' applicants may not be successful Rejected candidates will be given opportunity to respond

BANGALORE: At least five per cent of applicants who were short-listed by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) in January for allotment of 20,000 sites in Arkavathy Layout may not figure in the BDA's new list of allottees.

The BDA, which is expected to issue a new list in the first week of April, is screening all applicants and excluding those who have applied for the first time or are "very young".

There were a few mistakes in allotment and "we are now screening the list of all applicants and making sure that no mistakes are made in the next round of allotments," a BDA official said.

The official said applicants who are above 45 years of age and have made five prior attempts for a BDA site are likely to be allotted a site. "We will give applicants whose names have been removed from the list one week's time to respond," the official said.

The BDA has allotted 2,000 of 20,000 sites to individuals. Thirty per cent of these sites are for applicants from the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes.

"We have to reserve 10 per cent of sites for these categories, but this time we have increased the number of sites available to them," the official said.

A few sites in the layout will be allotted to revenue site owners whose land has been acquired for the layout, in accordance with the High Court guidelines. The official said the BDA has completed hearing objections to acquisition of land for the layout, except those of revenue site owners.


Of 2,750 acres of land notified for the layout, acquisition of 748 acres is disputed. The High Court, which has directed the BDA to hear the objections of owners of the land, has asked it to complete allotment of sites by April-end.

The BDA hopes to finish the process by March 25.

Rules amended

The BDA has said in a release that according to the amendment to BDA Allotment of Sites Rules, a person whose family members or dependant of family owns a site or a house, or has been allotted a house or site by the BDA or a cooperative society registered under the Karnataka Cooperative Society Act or any other authority within the Bangalore Metropolitan Area or in any other part of the State (by urban development authorities or the Karnataka Housing Board), is not eligible to apply for allotment of a BDA site.