Fireworks cause eye injuries

BANGALORE Oct. 26. The Festival of Lights was not so bright for several Bangaloreans. At least 25 persons were treated for eye injuries and more cases were pouring in to hospitals across the city. A rocket hit a 35-year-old woman, severely injuring her right eye, in Banashankari. She was rushed to an eye clinic in Jayanagar with her eye bleeding profusely. Krishnappa (20), a resident of Anekal, suffered a "cornea-scleral tear" when a cracker hit his right eye on Friday. The victim, who is unlikely to regain full vision, was watching some neighbourhood children burst crackers when the accident occurred. He was operated upon at Minto Eye Hospital, and doctors said he might require another surgery later. An eight-year-old boy, Balu, was admitted to the same hospital on Saturday after a cracker hit his eye on Friday. Another victim, Venkataramana, was injured in the eyes by chemicals from a "flowerpot". His eyes were washed and bandaged. In Victoria Hospital, a 12-year-old boy, Imtiaz, was admitted with seven per cent burns. He suffered burns while lighting crackers with his friends, the hospital staff said. Five eye injury cases were attended to by doctors at the Dr. M.C. Modi Charitable Eye Hospital. Three cases were taken to Lions Eye Hospital. Another case was reported from Narayana Nethralaya. However, doctors said it was a minor injury and the patient was discharged after first aid.

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