Filmmaking is a passion for them

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BANGALORE: It is not uncommon for a young filmmaker to take the plunge and manage to stay afloat in the deep waters despite having to face challenges.

One may wonder as to what retains debutant filmmakers in an industry where there are hordes of veteran directors.

"It is a passion," says Ganesh, a young filmmaker, who has some corporate films and art documentaries to his credit.

He is currently working on a project, "Chill Maadi," which he quips is a "no budget" film of a different genre. The music provided in the film is in tune with the preferences of all age groups, in Hindi, Kannada and English, and by three Bangalore-based bands: Nothing But Gold, Kale and Green Apple Affair.

"Chill Maadi" is a multilingual film that revolves around the lives of a group of youngsters and the roadmap that has been drawn up for each of them and how they handle the situations they are thrown into.

The crew and cast are all first-timers, and they have been provided a platform to showcase their acting and directorial skills.

The film, which is due to be released in October, will be "released commercially, yet it is not a commercial film," says Ganesh

Filmmaking, according to him, is like a product, and for it to be successful one needs proper packaging, branding and an appropriate launch pad. He believes in being unconventional and that one should not be afraid to shoot in digital.

Commercial cinema

On making a foray into commercial cinema, he says that there is a project in the offing, which he would like produced by a leading Bollywood producer.

Ganesh's day-to-day mantra is: "Whatever happens in life, just chill maadi, be focussed and maintain a work-life balance."

Sandeep Malani, an assistant director of the Kannada film "California," is all set to release his debutant venture, "SMS 6260," in a few months.

The "Kanglish" film revolves around the lives of six friends and the how they deal with misunderstandings that sprout through SMS (Short Message Service). The film, according to Sandeep, caters for an audience ranging from six to 60 years.

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