Fight against corruption to be taken to rural areas

Public support for anti-corruption crusade in Mysore continues

Public support for the fight against corruption remained firm as the campaign for a strong Lokpal Bill entered the third day here on Thursday.

Students, representatives of various organisations and people from all walks of life continued to gather at Gandhi Square and extended support to the cause under the banner of Mysore Against Corruption (MAC).

Scores of people belonging to the Jain community, chemists and druggists' associations and so on joined the stir and expressed solidarity with the movement.

But it was the youth brigade and student power that injected verve into the movement as hundreds of school and college students boycotted classes for the second consecutive day and extended their support to Anna Hazare and his team.

Meanwhile, MAC, led by R. Balasubramaniam of the Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement, said the emotional energy of students would be channelled for more constructive purposes.

“The emotional campaign will now shift to an enlightenment campaign and students and youngsters are now being told about the salient features of the Jan Lokpal Bill and its difference from the watered-down version of the Government draft that has been tabled in Parliament,” he said.

Fanning out

The MAC has also decided to extend the movement beyond urban areas and volunteers will fan out across the vast hinterland in the district, going to bus-stands, railway stations and other public places.

Volunteers already launched the campaign in parts of the city and surrounding areas on Thursday and this will be extended to the interiors from Friday.

“The movement is strongly urban in character and we want this to become a mass movement by bringing in the rural people. The volunteers will go about 25 km to 30 km away from the city and interact with the people in villages, speak about the Jan Lokpall Bill compare it with the Government draft”, said Mr. Balasubramaniam.

Social media

Students have been encouraged to spread the word and galvanise support for a strong Jan Lokpal Bill by sending SMSes to their friends, relatives and acquaintances, discussing the issue on social networking sites and sustaining the momentum that the movement has acquired over the last 48 hours.

The campaign will help reduce the knowledge deficit among the students participating in the campaign, to give it more thrust.

In the meantime, bulk SMSes are being sent to A.H. Vishwanath, Mysore MP, to convey the strong views of the public.

“As an MP, he is our representative and it is his responsibility to present our views to the party high command and in Parliament,” Mr. Balasubramaniam said.

Meanwhile, the youth extending support to the campaign have also been urged to take a stand against corruption at the individual level and not be content with mere slogan-raising and flag waving.

  • MAC will spread the campaign to the interiors from Friday
  • Youth urged to take stand against corruption at the individual level

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