Fifth unit of Alamatti Dam powerhouse synchronised with State grid

WATER POWER: The fifth unit of the Alamatti Dam Powerhouse was commissioned in Bijapur on Tuesday.

WATER POWER: The fifth unit of the Alamatti Dam Powerhouse was commissioned in Bijapur on Tuesday.  

First hydel power unit in the country to have a remote controlled operation mechanism

Staff Correspondent

ALAMATTI (BIJAPUR DIST.): Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd. (KPCL) on Tuesday successfully synchronised the fifth unit of the 290-mW Alamatti Dam Powerhouse. The Managing Director of KPCL, L.V. Nagarajan, inaugurated the project by starting the turbine generator of the unit. This also marked the release of water from the Alamatti Dam for the first time in the season.

A few hours later, the unit was synchronised with the State power grid. The unit is being run much bellow its installed capacity of 55 mW. The first four units — one with a capacity of 15 mW and three units of 55 mW each — have already been commissioned. Only the commissioning of sixth unit of powerhouse is remaining under the project.

Power generation

Talking to presspersons, Mr. Nagarajan said that the sixth unit will be synchronised with the power grid in the first week of August. The powerhouse will be dedicated to nation in August, the date for which will be fixed after discussing the issue with the Chief Minister, N. Dharam Singh, he added.

After getting the green signal from Krishna Jala Bhagya Nigam Ltd. for drawing water from the Alamatti Dam, KPCL started power generation from the first and second units on Tuesday. Power generation from the third and fourth units will also begin by Saturday. The powerhouse requires 40,000 cusecs of water to run the first five units at their optimum capacity. Stating that the Central Electricity Authority has rated the Alamatti powerhouse the best hydel power plant in the country, Mr. Nagarajan said many innovative features have been incorporated in the project. The powerhouse is being networked with the head office in Bangalore, which enables KPCL to operate the plant through remote control. For the first time in the country, the remote controlled operation mechanism has been adopted in a hydel power unit, he said.

As the project is being commissioned ahead of schedule, Mr. Nagaraj said KPCL has saved a few crores in project cost. The hydel plant is expected to generate 494 million units this year. Stating that water levels in most of its reservoirs are satisfactory, he said KPCL has set an annual power generation target of 19,300 million units, which will meet around 60 per cent of the demand from Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Ltd.

Bellary power station

Regarding the progress of the Bellary Thermal Power Station, he said the first 500-mW unit will be ready by August, around three months ahead of schedule. Construction work on the second unit will be taken up in September. Of the Rs. 2,100 crores estimated cost, Rs. 750 crores has been spent on the project so far.

The Executive Director of KPCL, D. Jayaprakash; the Technical Director, S.M. Zafrulla; the Chief Engineer (Civil), N.S. Bendre; and the Chief Engineer (Electrical), K.R. Subramanya, were present on the occasion.

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