Farmers urged to refrain from sowing paddy

Deputy Commissioner M. Kanagavalli urged farmers to cultivate crops that require less water and shorter duration instead of paddy, owing to the low storage in the Tungabhadra dam.

Ms. Kanagavalli, while presiding over a meeting held here on Monday to elicit suggestions from farmers on how to make optimum use of the limited available water, said that their suggestion would be communicated to the Irrigation Consultative Committee (ICC) scheduled to meet on Tuesday in Bengaluru.

Stating that the limited availability of water in the dam had to be shared between Karnataka and undivided Andhra Pradesh, besides reserving water for drinking water purposes, she said that scientists felt that cultivating paddy in September was not ideal as winter sets in affecting the crop during corn formation.

The seedlings available in the paddy nurseries were not suitable for transplantation at this juncture. Even if paddy is cultivated, it was likely to face shortage of water and the crop may fail and farmer would undergo loss.

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