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Road safety

Sir, - One more road safety week has come and gone. It has become `road safety weak'.

The number of accidents continues to rise and the condition of roads has deteriorated. The roads in Mangalore are in poor condition. Encroached footpaths, reckless driving, stray cattle and blinding headlights have made driving unsafe on the city roads. The traffic police, the Regional Transport Authority and the district administration have to handle these problems first. Only then road safety will be a reality.

J.F. D'Souza,


Prepaid autos

Sir, - The computerisation of pre-paid autorickshaw counters at railway stations has failed to instil discipline among autorickshaw drivers. At Krishnarajapuram Railway Station, passengers are heckled by autorickshaw drivers. They demand Rs. 50 for a distance of 3 km to 4 km. Aged people and passengers carrying heavy luggage cannot walk till ITI gate to take a bus. Autorickshaw drivers take advantage of this. It is time traffic police regulated the functioning of autorickshaws at K.R. Puram Railway Station.

J. Ramakrishnan,


Signboards missing

Sir, - The signboards at Ramachandrapura, Jalahalli, have crashed. The signboard of Dodda Channappa Layout at the entrance of Ramachandrapura has vanished. So is the case with signboards showing 1st Cross, 6th Cross and 7th Cross.

The City Municipal Council (CMC) workers do not clear the garbage for months. I urge the Byatarayanapura CMC authorities to look into these problems.

S. Raja Reddy,


Reckless driving

Sir, - Autorickshaw passengers at night or early in the morning are not safe. The drivers violate every rule in the book to reach their destination.

Some drivers drink and drive. It is time the city had Hoysala type of patrolling to crack down on such indiscipline among autorickshaw drivers.

D.B.N. Murthy,


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