Evolve user-friendly methods of cultivation, agriculture scientists told

TIPS FOR FARMERS: Development Commissioner for North Karnataka V. Umesh lighting the lamp to inaugurate a technical seminar on `Organic Farming' in Belgaum on Monday.  

Staff Correspondent

Belgaum: Regional Commissioner V. Umesh called upon farmers to restrain themselves from using more chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides in agricultural production and stressed on the need to take up organic farming.

He was inaugurating a technical seminar on "Organic farming" here on Monday. The seminar was organised jointly by the Information and Agriculture departments.

Mr. Umesh called upon scientists engaged in research on improving productivity and scientific agriculture operations to evolve "user- friendly" practices, which a farmer can understand. The experiments conducted in laboratory conditions should produce optimum results on the fields. The practices evolved in research laboratories should be commercially viable.

Mr. Murthy said agricultural lands are turning infertile because of indiscriminate use of fertilizers and pesticides by farmers.

The problem is compounded because of monotonous operations due to lack of proper knowledge and information about scientific agricultural practices. Stressing on scientific practices as best solutions to all problems confronting growers, he emphasised on organic farming to ensure nutrition and flavour.

Many are not aware that pesticides and fertilizers when used in high quantities enter blood cells of those who consume the produce. "I am afraid of drinking tender coconut as I am not aware whether the farmer has given at least three weeks time after spraying pesticides; there are reports of people fainting after consuming tender coconut," he said.

Role for women

Deputy Commissioner Shalini Rajneesh asked the agricultural officers to involve rural women, especially those attached to self-help groups, in the production of organic manure.

"The women have natural talent to make best out of waste and their involvement in organic manure production will be great help for organic farming activities," she said.

H.B. Bablad and R.K. Patil from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, spoke.

Belgaum Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officer M.E. Shivaling Murthy presided over the programme.