`Dialects of Kannada are full of life'

BELGAUM, DEC. 30. The noted writer and critic, Dr. Giraddi Govindaraj, has called upon new writers not to neglect the regional variants of Kannada.

``Remember, the regional stereotype gives an authenticity to your creative literary works, be it short stories, novels, drama, or poetry,'' he told them.

He was speaking at the eighth annual award presentation function organised by the Belagavi Jilla Sahitya Pratishtana here on Sunday.

Dr. Govindaraj wanted budding writers to understand that the variety of spoken Kannada in Belgaum or Raichur was no less in worth or quality compared to the variants heard in Mysore and Bangalore, and that they need not suffer from any inferiority complex.

Underlying the importance of preserving the diversity of the language, he criticised those who wanted to develop a ``common Kannada, understood and accepted by all the regions'', under an ``Ekata' (unity) move. ``Some scribes in the media subscribe to this view, and are producing a variety of Kannada which is lifeless and appreciated by none. Same is the case with Hindi cinema. In their bid to make it acceptable to all regions, the writers of dialogue have developed a kind of Hindi which is appreciated by none. `Cinema Hindi' has not made any worthwhile contribution to the language,'' he noted.

On how to develop Kannada, he said puritanism would not help. Kannada could develop if it was willing to borrow and accept words from other languages, he added.

Speaking about the state of Kannada, he said nothing much had changed in the past few decades. ``Even today, it takes 10 years to sell one thousand copies of a literary work. Readership has not grown,'' he lamented.

He complimented the pratishtana for instituting awards for writers from the district.

The ``Sirigannada Gourava'' award went to Mr. Govindamurti Desai and Ms. Shantadevi Kanavi. Ms. Sarita Kulkarni read the citation. Dr. Viresh Basalalli, Registrar, Visvesvaraya Technological University presented the award. (Ms. Kanavi was absent.) The new award for life time achievement -- ``Jeevamana Sadhane'', instituted last year by the P.K. Bhagoji Endowment, went to the noted writer, Dr. Chandrashekhar Kambar. He could not attend the function.

``Sirigannada Prashasti'', instituted by the pratishtana, was won by the writers, Mr. Shrinivas Topakhane and Mr. K. Chandramouli, for their books Matu Manikya and Beligalach. Dr. Giraddi presented the awards.

Eight ``Datti (endowment) Prashastis'' were presented to Dr. Gundanna Kalaburgi (research, S.M. Kulkarni Shashtyabdi Endowment); Mr. Krishna Sardeshapande Asthe, novel, Late Dr. Hanamantrao Savnur Smaraka Prashasti); Mr. Madhukar Gundenatti (Tale Beku, maiden work, Late Ramarao Shirahatti Prashasti); Dr. Shivajirao Sarvi (Hambrginalli 15 Dina, K. Chandramouli Datti Prashasti); Mr. Akbar Sanadi (Nanna Desha Bharata, P. Vijayakumar Datti Prashasti); Ms. Shakuntala Dandagi (Nanna Haadu, Late Chandravva Anagol Smaraka Datti Prashasti), and Mr. B. Patil (Darshanam Moksha Sadhanam, Late Shridevi Smaraka Datti Prashasti).

The works were evaluated by Dr. Viranna Rajur (Dharwad), Dr. N. Taranath (Mysore), and Dr. Shrinivas Kulkarni (Belgaum).

Mr. Govindamurti Desai and Dr.Gundanna Kalaburgi spoke on behalf of the recipients of the awards.

Dr. Kulkarni spoke on behalf of evaluators. Dr. Viresh Basalalli presided.

Earlier, Mr. Anant Kallol, President of the pratishtana, welcomed the gathering.

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