Davangere municipality to increase water tariff from April

Hike in the wake of increase in water supply management cost

Staff Correspondent

DAVANGERE: Davangere City Municipality has decided to hike water tariff from April in the wake of increase in water supply management cost. Hike in water tariff will be different for domestic, commercial and industrial consumers.

From April, domestic consumers will have to pay Rs. 55 per month instead of the present charge of Rs. 45, while commercial consumers will have to pay Rs. 110 a month instead of the present Rs. 90. Industries have to pay Rs. 220 per month in place of the present Rs. 180. The decision to increase water tariff was taken at the municipality meeting held here on Wednesday. President of the municipality Abdul Rahim said that water tariff has not been revised since 1998 and owing to escalation in the cost of supply of potable water, the municipality had decided to increase the tariff moderately.

The municipality has power dues amounting to Rs. 6 crores for supplying water to city over the past few years from different water points including Rajanahally, Bathi, Harihar and Kunduwada. The municipality had also spent a huge amount on different projects to get water to Davangere city.

The civic body had asked a person from Shyamanur to supply water to different extensions two years ago when the city faced water scarcity. He incurred Rs. 2,65,000 towards electricity charges to lift water from the borewell and had appealed to the municipality to pay the bills. The municipality asked Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) to levy the power bills as domestic consumer and not as commercial consumer. However, BESCOM turned down the request and threatened to disconnect the power connection.

When this was raised at the meeting, the civic body decided to appeal to Deputy Commissioner M.B. Dyaberi to interfere and direct BESCOM to reduce the power bills and not disconnect the power connection.

K.G. Shivakumar, former president of the municipality, and Lokesh, senior councillor, took the Commissioner Narayanappa to task for issuing large number of cheques that were not honoured by the District Treasury. They said that it is absurd that the municipality, which has a budget of Rs. 130 crores, cannot pass a cheque for Rs. 25,000.

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