Cricketer Dhoni is brand ambassador for KSDL

Staff Reporter

`The agreement is aimed at improving soap sales in the north'

Bangalore: Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited (KSDL) has signed an agreement with cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni as its brand ambassador for the promotion of Mysore Sandal soap.

According to I.R. Perumal, Managing Director, the agreement with Mr. Dhoni is aimed at improving sales for the soap in the north.

The company recently launched "Mysore Sandal's Herbal Care" in Karnataka and Kerala. It has drawn up plans to launch the product all over the country in the coming months. KSDL, he said, will focus on exports by upgrading the quality of soaps and improving packing standards. It expects to double its export sales of Rs. 4 crores per annum.

The company will also manufacture soaps at Panthnagar in Uttaranchal, which is a duty free zone, to cater to the northern and eastern markets. As the availability of sandalwood is diminishing and the procurement price of sandalwood has gone up, the company has decided to set up units in Uttaranchal.

The Government is examining a proposal to provide the available sandalwood in the Forest Department at Rs. 8 lakhs per tonne to meet its captive consumption.

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