Corporation staff seal buildings not having completion report

ACTION BEGINS: Mysore City Corporation officials pulling down the shutter of a shop on Thursday. — PHOTO: M.A. SRIRAM  

Staff Correspondent

MYSORE: After initiating the demolition of illegal structures and encroachments on government land, Mysore City Corporation on Thursday started sealing commercial and residential buildings that do not have the completion report.

The drive to lock up the premises of commercial and residential buildings commenced this morning after an official of the corporation started announcing over a public address system urging the building owners to produce the completion report.

The official also announced that adequate publicity had been given before initiating the action. He said that while publicity had been given through newspapers, notices had been pasted on the walls of the buildings.

Following the drive tension prevailed on K.R. Hospital Road when the owners of several buildings protested against the move and sought more time to procure the completion report. When the officials refused to relent, heated arguments ensued. Amidst the confusion, fights broke out between shop owners.

The action followed notices issued by corporation Commissioner A.B. Ibrahim against those using commercial and residential complexes without securing the completion report. He had cited Section 310 of the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act, 1976, to declare such buildings illegal. Further, he had directed the shop owners to stop business till they procure the completion report.

The drive to seal the buildings was later given up by the officials after Mr. Ibrahim agreed to extend the deadline to collect completion reports till August 31. He also announced that arrangements have been made to issue completion reports to the needy within 30 minutes.

According to sources in the corporation, over 500 buildings in the city violate guidelines of the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act, 1976, as they do not have completion reports. Several buildings violate zoning regulations, but business activities continue in these buildings, the sources said.

Property tax

Meanwhile, Deputy Director of Town Planning Kempe Gowda has urged the building owners to secure completion reports by August 31 by paying the property tax for such buildings.

In a press release, he said securing the completion report is mandatory under the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, 1961, and the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act, 1976.

He said no further notice will be issued against violators, and that shops and business establishments will be sealed right away.