Cong. irked as BJP boycotts BMP meet

BANGALORE Oct. 31. The boycott by the Opposition BJP, observance of a ``two-minute'' silence by the ruling Congress members in protest against the boycott, and the customary ``honouring and praising'' of the outgoing Mayor, K.Chandrashekar, marked the last meeting to be chaired by him on Thursday.

The Opposition boycott of the last meeting of an outgoing Mayor, said to be the first in the history of the Mahanagara Palike, irked the Congress members who observed the "two-minute silence" condemning the boycott.

Earlier, the BJP members, led by MLAs, S.Suresh Kuamr, Katta Subramanya Naidu, R.Ashok, besides S.K.Nataraj and the former corporator, Gangabhyraiah, staged a demonstration outside the Council Hall.

They alleged that the Mayor had failed to keep his promise of ``modernising'' the City.

They shouted slogans against the Mayor for getting several major subjects approved in the Council without any discussion on them.

Though the Opposition Janata Dal(S) and Janata Dal(U) members too condemned the BJP boycott, they did not join the Congress in observing "silence."

Praising the Mayor for his achievements, the Janata Dal(U) leader, Padmanabha Reddy, said the extension of the Mayor's term by another year was stalled by his own party members.

``You had promised to change Bangalore but could not do it due to lack of time. When your own Government had planned to extend your term, it is unfortunate that your own party members stalled it," he said.

He, however, expressed displeasure over the Mayor's attitude in getting several subjects approved without any discussion on them.

He cited the example of a resolution seeking the Council's approval to take Rs.70 crores loan from the HUDCO for upgrading pavements in the <243>City.

``We are not against the project. But it is unfortunate that approval for the loan was obtained without allowing the Opposition members to discuss the issue,'' he said.

The ruling party leader, C.M.Nagaraj, and the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Taxation and Finance, N.L.Narendra Babu, commended the new schemes, including the Janodhayanavana and Kere Siri, announced by the Mayor in the budget.

The Janata Dal(S) leader, Syed Jameel Ahmed, and B.R.Nanjundappa, D.Shaila, M.K.Kuppuraj, and Congress members, M.Nagaraj, Udayshankar, Jayaram, and the Commissioner, M.R.Sreenivas Murthy, and the Deputy Mayor, R.Shankar, spoke.

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