`Concept of dignity of labour must be studied carefully'

Basaveshwara brought principle to the fore: Minister

Staff Correspondent

MYSORE: The Union Minister of State for Planning, M.V. Rajashekaran, on Monday said that the concept of dignity of labour is of immense value to society in the context of the present economic scenario in the country.

Speaking after inaugurating a workshop on dignity of labour organised here by the Akhila Bharatha Sharana Sahitya Parishath, Mr. Rajashekaran said that the concept should be carefully examined by the scientific, academic, and literary circles. He said the importance of dignity labour has to be understood to make it an engine for social progress.


He said that every profession is important, and while profession fulfils the ambitions of an individual, it should also benefit the poor and needy. Recalling the contributions of the 12th Century social reformer, Basaveshwara, he said that it is thorough the latter's "Kayakave Kailasa" that the principle of dignity of labour came to the fore.

Speaking on the occasion, the former Development Commissioner, Chiranjeevi Singh, said that many civil servants consider it a punishment if they are transferred to low-profile departments. However, this should not be the case and officials should look at all jobs with equal enthusiasm and hard work.

Emphasising that self respect and pride in oneself is very important, he said that the concept of dignity of labour is very complex and is influenced by culture, tradition and even caste. He said that people lack the pursuit of excellence in any given job, and that the principles espoused by Basaveshwara on work culture remains mere examples.

The Mysore MP, C.H. Vijayshankar; the Deputy Director of Rangayana, M.G. Sadanandaiah; and the parishath president, G.R. Parameshwarappa, were present. Experts, educationists and scholars discussed issues such as dignity of labour, professional and social equality, professional status and values.

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