CNC announces boycott of elections

MYSORE, APRIL 24. The Codava National Council has decided to boycott the elections to press for its demand for an autonomous Codava land, the recognition of 46 "Nads" as their traditional and indivisible homeland.

Disclosing this to presspersons here today, the CNC secretary-general, N.U. Nachappa, said the council had been fighting for certain rights of Kodavas, and that the CNC had decided to boycott all polls.

He said the polls were being boycotted as the political representatives had let down the community.

He said the autonomous Codava land should be on the lines provided for Ladakhis and Gorkhas.

Mr. Nachappa said no efforts had been made to protect the interests of coffee planters, and that the support price for coffee, the main crop of Kodagu, had not been announced. While the representatives of various areas had fought for support price for crops such as tea, rubber, and coconut, the political representatives from Kodagu had not done anything to protect the planters' interests, he added.

Pointing out the "failures" of political representatives, he said the Kodava language had not been included in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution though several representations had been made in this regard.

He said that owing to several programmes there had been a change in the demography of Kodagu and a large number of Kodavas had been migrating to other cities.

"The elected representatives always painted a distorted picture about the people and the problems of Kodagu," Mr. Nachappa said.

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