`BPO sector can offer long-term career options'

MORE JOBS: IT and BT Secretary H.K. Shankarlinge Gowda releasing the publicity material for the job mela in Mysore on Saturday. B.V. Naidu (right), Director, Software Technology Park of India, and Murali Swaminathan (extreme left), Chief People Offic er, 24/7 Customer, are seen. PHOTO: M.A. SRIRAM  

Special Correspondent

It is the single largest employment-generating sector for graduates, says Murali Swaminathan

MYSORE: What next after B.A.? This was a question that haunted graduates and even postgraduate students with conventional and non-technical degrees until recently. However, this is no longer the case and job opportunities are plenty. In fact, there are more jobs available now than there are qualified personnel.

Phenomenal rate

This is owing to the BPO industry, which is growing at a phenomenal rate and can absorb undergraduates, who have just passed out from university. If one was under the impression that working for a BPO is a stop-gap arrangement, then one could not be more wrong, as the industry is here to stay, grow and mature,

Murali Swaminathan, Chief People Officer, 24/7 Customer said here on Saturday. Providing a brief introduction to the industry and dispelling myths associated with the BPO sector, he was making a presentation at a workshop on BPOs held for college principals and lecturers.

He dispelled certain notions associated with the industry and said that it is a myth that the BPO sector works unusual work hours, is not knowledge driven and is merely a casual and short-term option rather than a long-term career. "None of this is true and career prospects are bright and growth is unmatched in any industry".

Dismissing suggestions that work in the BPO sector is "fun", he asked how anyone could do business, interact and deal with international clients from the USA and Europe, and help execute transactions worth millions of dollars if one is casual about the job? He said the BPO sector is the single largest employment-generating sector that absorbs graduates. A survey has revealed that 75 per cent of the Fortune 500 companies are expected to outsource their jobs from India because it makes business sense and the shareholders demand it, according to Mr. Swaminathan.

A short stint in the BPO sector brings in an element of refinement in ones temperament that stands in good stead, and since it is a constant learning process, the candidate will be a more well-rounded specialising in more than one domain, he added.


The workshop was held to seek the cooperation of lecturers and principals of educational institutions in Mysore and surrounding areas to educate the students on the benefits of a career in the BPO industry.