Ashraya houses: Action in 15 days

HASSAN JAN. 3. The confusion over the allotment and occupancy of Ashraya houses in Deve Gowda Nagar in Thattekere area recently will be cleared by January 20, according to the Deputy Commissioner, L.K.Atheeq, here on Friday.

Mr. Atheeq, the Superintendent of Police, the President and the Commissioner of City Municipal Council, elected representatives and members of the Ashraya Committee visited the Thattekere area to sort out problems that have arisen following authorised and un-authorised occupants claiming a right over occupancy and who have clashed with each other in the recent past.

Some of the occupants complained to the Deputy Commissioner that they were being pressured by miscreants to vacate their houses, though they were in possession of title deeds.

Interestingly, a group of people alleged that those who occupied houses illegally were refusing to vacate them.

According to official sources, 807 houses were built in Deve Gowda Nagar under the Ashraya Scheme six years ago.

But the authorities concerned failed to provide infrastructure, including doors, windows, water and power connections, etc.

The allottees refused to occupy the houses, though they had remitted initial deposit of Rs.5000 each for allotment.

The authorities concerned after issuing several notices to the allottees asking them to occupy the houses, warned them that they would not be allowed to occupy the houses if they failed to move in within the stipulated time.

Nearly 50 per cent of the allottees occupied their houses. However, a few allottees refused to heed the warning despite the threat of forfeiture.

Meanwhile, the district authorities, the Municipal Council and representatives of the Ashraya Committee allotted untenanted houses to those who had applied earlier after cancelling the allotments of titleholders.

The present occupants were issued with temporary title deeds.

When temporary title deed holders began to occupy the houses, fearing that their right may be permanently forfeited, original allottees tried to occupy the houses in a hurry. There began confusion over the ownership of the houses.

According to official sources, there are two or three claimants for each Ashraya house.

When some claimants tried to use muscle power in support of their claim, the situation got worse and the residents complained to the district authorities and urged them to protect them.

To find a permanent solution to the problem, the Deputy Commissioner visited the area.

Addressing presspersons after reviewing the situation, he said that there was some confusion and that it would be solved in a fortnight.

He promised the residents that an office would be opened in the area to check the authenticity of documents of the claimants.

A police out-post would be set up to maintain law and order and to provide safety and security to the residents.

Police officials with the help of the authorities concerned would examine the documents of the claimants afresh and would hand over possession of houses to legal owners, he added.

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