`Adopt natural farming practices'


Suicide by farmers is because of dependency on chemical fertilizers

CHAMARAJANAGAR: Subhash palekar, a natural farming proponent, said on Thursday said that chemical farming will destroy soil fertility. Participating in a two-day workshop organised on "Zero budget natural farming system" here, he emphasised the need for popularising the practice of using a mixture of cow dung, cow urine, jaggery, flour and water for farming, which is low-cost and productive. He said organic farming is more dangerous than chemical farming and added that both methods of farming exploit farmers.

He said natural farming with zero budget is an alternative method.

Mr. Palekar said chemical farming which involves spraying pesticides and the use of fertilizers, is not only financially unviable for farmers, but also ruins the soil and results in wastage of water. He attributed the increase in the number of farmer suicides to their dependency on fertilizers, which takes away a huge portion of their earnings and renders them indebted to moneylenders. He wondered why despite all these adverse effects, agricultural universities still insist on the use of urea and potash for farming. Farmers attended the workshop and underwent training on the preparation of the cow mixture.