`Adopt alternative dispute resolution techniques'

BANGALORE, AUG. 14. The Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court, N.K. Jain, today urged judicial officers to acquaint themselves with the arbitration, conciliation and mediation processes, which helped in quick dispensation of justice.

Inaugurating a seminar for judicial officers, Mr. Jain said the large number of pending cases and not enough judges considering the number of litigants led to the delay in disposal of cases. Such alternative dispute resolution techniques would shift the administration of justice from litigation to mediation, conciliation and arbitration, he added. The seminar on "Mediation and conciliation - expeditious methods for resolution of disputes" was organised by the regional centre of the International Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ICADR).

Lok adalats

Referring to permanent lok adalats, Mr. Jain urged people having disputes with public utility services to approach them directly instead of courts. "The permanent lok adalats have jurisdiction over these services and will endeavour to see that the parties reach an amicable settlement by conciliation. If conciliation fails, the permanent lok adalats will hear and settle the dispute," he said.

Firdoshali S. Kassam, coordinator, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Bombay High Court, conducted the seminar. A.M. Farooq, judge of the Karnataka High Court, delivered the valedictory address.

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