A three-minute pit stop

Staff Correspondent

MYSORE: Tired of waiting for your turn at a petroleum outlet? Here is an option made available by Bharat Petroleum Corporation to reduce waiting time.

A `non-space pump,' the first of its kind in Mysore, reduces waiting time considerably. The average time taken for a customer to enter the retail outlet, fuel the vehicle and exit is only three minutes at the BP outlet at Five Lights Circle on Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Road. Hanging from the canopy, the nozzle of the supply pipe is adjustable according to the customer's requirement and the totaliser is housed in a box, which is fixed at a strategic position for easy visibility.

According to Assistant Manager (Sales) BPCL P.P. Raghavendra, "As the name suggests, one cannot find any pump on the pedestal at the forecourt, but the nozzle hangs from the roof. "

The dispensing pumps have been imported from Japan.

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