A right royal Kichcha show

Sudeep and Rachitaram in ‘Ranna’  

Ranna (Kannada)

Direction: Nanda Kishore

Cast: Sudeep, Prakash Rai, Rachita Ram, Haripriya, Madhoo, Chikkanna, Sadhu Kokila, Devaraj, Avinash

The Kannada film industry may make raise a hue and cry about remakes, but Kichcha Sudeep starrer Ranna seems to be proof that in the absence of original scripts, there is little choice, but to import from neighbouring States.

Ranna, a remake of Pawan Kalyan’s Telugu box office hit Attarintiki Daredi , should make the day for fans of Sudeep who have waited for nearly a year to see the star in action.

Manikya , his previous film, incidentally was a remake of Telugu blockbuster Mirchi , was released last May and with Ranna, Sudeep seems to prove again that he has a penchant for re-makes and dependence on ‘action packed family entertainer’ genre.

Marked by rich production values, but low on technical finesse quotient, Ranna has all the ingredients needed to entertain. It has the choicest one-line dialogues, flamboyance of style, “unbelievable” stunts and the song Thithili Thithili .

While the first half is breezy, the second half loses the track and the film fights hard to find its way to the climax.

A bit of overdose of the Sudeep style quotient seems to have pushed the director to pack needless fights and high decibel drama. Comedy seems to have been thrown in only to offer relief from the drama and high octane action . Again, what constitutes comedy is the question. While Chikkanna as the sidekick serves the purpose, Nanda Kishore employs Tabla Nani and Sadhu Kokila to break the monotony. While Ranna has all the medley of elements in place to provide for a cracker of a cinema, these needless diversions play spoilsport. The problem lies in sub-plots dominating the main plot.

Nanda Kishore tries to exploit emotions of the Kannada audience by taking recourse to Dr. Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan, Shankar Nag and Ambarish,

While Sudeep occupies most of the screen space, Prakash Rai, Rachita Ram and Haripriya make use of the little opportunity they get. Potential of Madhoo ( Roja fame), Devaraj and others has been left un-exploited.

Ranna , which stuck to its core theme of estranged family, misgivings and reconciliation, could have been made more emotive and enjoyable family affair. The best, perhaps, comes at the end as Nanda Kisore reveals his fine touch in a wonderful climax.