A green patch to call your own

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: Old Bangaloreans were known for their "green fingers" and every home had a lovingly cultivated garden. But the proliferation of high-rise apartment complexes has not left much scope for gardening these days, even if their occupants have the time to work the magic of their fingers.

The Indian Society for Environmental Studies, which is headed by persons such as A.H. Sadashiva and environmentalist and filmmaker Suresh Heblikar, is now trying to promote terrace gardening in the city, whose skyline is increasingly being dominated by concrete structures.

Though the varieties of plants may not be as wide-ranging as what one will find on the slopes of hills, the society will give tips on growing plants on a rooftop or even on a sixth-floor balcony. Their focus is mainly on organic gardening.

The Executive Director of the society, K. Sitaram, explains: "ornamental plants, aromatic and even medicinal plants, and several flowers, fruits and vegetables can be grown on terraces. By taking up terrace gardening as a serious hobby, people living in small spaces can still have the satisfaction of growing their own fruits, vegetables and flowers."

And by growing them the organic way, one can enjoy safe food without chemical residues and ensure a safer environment," Mr. Sitaram says.

A one-day training programme on organic terrace gardening is being organised by the society on July 24 at Jayanagar 4th Block.

For ,ore details on the course, call 26646459 or 9341274055.

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