Yeddyurappa firm on not fielding his son

Special Correspondent

SHIMOGA: Has the private complaint filed in the local JMFC court seeking a fresh inquiry into the death of his wife Maithradevi under “suspicious” circumstances forced Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa to reverse his stand on the fielding of his son B.Y. Raghavendra as the BJP candidate from Shimoga Lok Sabha Constituency?

It appears so if the swift developments that took place within 24 hours were any indication.

Mr. Yeddyurappa told presspersons that he was not averse to his son’s candidature from Shimoga ency if the party’s district and the State units adopted the unanimous resolution in favour of his candidature.

U-turn again

But the Chief Minister did a volte face and changed his tack when he addressed presspersons here on Sunday.

Mr. Yeddyurappa categorically said that his son would not contest the election under any circumstances putting an end to the speculation over the issue.

He even went to the extent of saying that he would not change his mind even if the party high command insisted that his son should contest.

“I am confident that it would not take any decision against my wish,” he said.

Possible provocation

It appeared that he changed his mind overnight after seeing the coverage in a television news channel late night about the filing of the complaint against him.

It appears to have upset Mr. Yeddyurappa as he thought that the private criminal case filed against him might spoil the winning chances of his son in the election. Perhaps his decision was not to allow this development to become a major political issue for the Opposition parties to malign him and his son during the electioneering.

“Now that Mr. Raghavendra will not contest, I feel greatly relieved. I can concentrate more on the other constituencies. I assure you that he will not be found wanting in campaigning for the BJP’s candidate from Shimoga,” he said.

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