Women are better managers: Sudha Murthy

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: Women are better managers than men as they are conditioned to handle all kinds of difficulties at home and at the workplace and a woman who succeeds in her profession gives more to society than a man, Sudha Murthy, Chairperson, Infosys Foundation, said here on Wednesday.

Cell inaugurated

Ms. Murthy, who inaugurated the women entrepreneurs cell of the Consortium of Electronic Industries of Karnataka, quoted Nachiketa, who challenged the God of Death in pursuit of truth, and argued that women were intuitively aware of one truth revealed to Nachiketa — the pursuit of wealth, however pleasant the experience ultimately ends in a meeting with Lord Yama.


Women know better than men about the “law of diminishing returns” and that’s what matters is knowing how to spend the earnings in a worthwhile manner.

Social entrepreneurship comes naturally to women, and they deploy it effectively while discharging professional obligations, said Ms. Murthy.

‘Professional space’

She urged women to “create professional space” for themselves by articulating their ideas and opinion, whether they were right or wrong because this was the only means to have a role in the decision-making process.


Consortium of Electronic Industries of Karnataka vice-president Uma Reddy said the women’s cell was intended as a forum for the growing number of women who were venturing into the electronics sector.

The cell had been started in association with eMERG (Engineering Manufacturing Entrepreneurs Resources Group), an alliance of women with common backgrounds in engineering.

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