Withdrawal from Afghanistan may prove costly to U.S.: expert

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India cautioned over efforts to help rebuild Afghanistan

Call to study the reasons for radicalisation of Muslim youth

BANGALORE: The withdrawal of the U.S. from Afghanistan might prove costly and it might help the cause of Taliban insurgents, said Rodney Jones, president of Policy Architects International, United States.

Participating in the discussion on “The Taliban resurgence and global terrorist overhang” on Tuesday, Mr. Jones said U.S. President Barack Obama made a commitment people believe that the U.S. will go for withdrawal from Afghanistan. “Serious analytical efforts were put in and the forces were withdrawn. But now there is a second thought over the move,” he said.

“We are aware of what happened following the withdrawal of the Soviet Union. There was a civil war, the Taliban rose and Al-Qaeda came into existence. There is a section of people who believe the war is very much necessary,” Mr. Jones said. The discussion was organised by jointly by the U.S. Consulate General and the National Institute of Advance Studies.

Mr. Jones cautioned India over efforts to help resurrection of Afghanistan. “You should be cautious enough in the work you are doing. It should not go in a way that leads to strain your and our relationship with Pakistan.

Former Special Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, S. Gopal said there was a need to study the reasons for radicalisation of Muslim youth. These youth need to spoken to for finding as to what was ailing them. “What made a trained doctor to drive his car and hit the Glasgow Airport need to be found out,” he said. Increasingly highly educated youths are drawn to terrorism, he added.

Mr. Gopal said Pakistan has been encouraging terrorist groups that support the cause of the Government. The U.S. should monitor the economic aid given to Pakistan. It should look at the development works such as improving the facilities for education and treatment “rather than giving more weapons to Pakistan,” he said.