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No takers: The vacant APMC building at Bharamasagar.

No takers: The vacant APMC building at Bharamasagar.  

Traders are shying away from occupying shops for various reasons

For the past 20 years, the APMC building at Bharamasagar has not been occupied.

About two decades ago, the decided to construct a sub-market at Bharamasagar, about 20 km from Chitradurga, to enable farmers sell their produce. This decision was taken as people from the villagers had to cover a big distance to reach the only market in Chitradurga.

But for various reasons, the objective with which the building was built could not be achieved. The cost of the building was Rs. 20 lakh then.

Over the years, locals agents say, the market had spread to neighbouring areas such as Davangere city and Jagalur taluk of Davangere district, and farmers were taking their produce to these centres.

The other reason was that several agents wished to conduct the trade in the open market to avoid paying tax to the Government.

“If they have to do business inside the yard, they have to get Government permission for which they need to pay fee. Besides, they have to pay tax to the Government,” said Narayanswamy, a local trader.

APMC secretary C. Patalingappa said they were ready to issue licence for those interested to do business, but the response had been lukewarm.

He, however, said that for the past five years, the APMC was conducting the maize procurement process inside the building.

He said that sometimes the farmers sold their produce in the open market when they found that the minimum support price offered by the Government was lower than the price they got in the open market. “However, we are trying to convince the traders to occupy the shops,” he added.

Firoz Rozindar in Chitradurga

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