Water supply to be affected

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: The erratic water supply witnessed in some parts of the city on Thursday will continue on Friday, according to the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB).

Power failure, for the third time in the last few weeks, between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. on Thursday at the 220 kV station at Torekadinahalli has meant that the water board could not draw water for more than four hours. Lack of power supply at the T.K. Halli station affected water supply twice on April 20 and April 29.

19 pumps

“It takes us more than an hour to restart all the 19 pumps in the four stages of the Cauvery and another hour for the water to reach our ground level reservoirs. Essentially, it means a delay of four hours,” Chief Engineer T. Venkatraju told The Hindu.

The delay translates into a shortfall of 150 million litres to the city, which cannot be made up for as the BWSSB will not be able to pump extra as its machinery always functions at the maximum capacity. BWSSB pumps about 900 million litres from the Cauvery every day.

Not all areas of the city will be affected with the water shortage.

“We run a 48-hour cycle. Only those areas will be affected where we were supposed to provide water in the period of the power failure,” Mr. Venkatraju said.

The BWSSB received complaints from Magadi Road and surrounding areas and the demands for water was met through tankers, he added.

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