Wannabe scientists at their best

Staff Reporter

Students display skills at the `Young Inventors' Meet'

BANGALORE: A road-roller equipped with hydraulic arms and electromagnetic pulleys; a gadget with nine key utilities for the elderly; a mini fertilizer energy plant generating power from cow dung; a terrestrial plane customised for ground duty. Moving beyond bookish concepts of physics and chemistry, a select bunch of high school students turned inventors to show off their strengths in basic science.

Putting together this group of young, wannabe scientists for a special "Young Inventors' Meet," the Rotary Club of Bangalore and the Bangalore Association for Science Education (BASE) had come prepared. At the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium here, as the students spread out their ware on Saturday, all eyes shifted to the "exhibition of creative ideas."

To create their own road-roller, Suhas and Karthik, the two young inventors from SSVM School relied on syringes and drip pipes, metal rods and coloured papers. In five hours flat, the two whiz kids had a working machine in place. "Hydraulics explains the behaviour of water in motion and rest," they told the curious visitors. Electromagnetism was what converted iron to magnet with power supply.

Standing alone, Amogakrishna S. from St. Paul's English School was getting ready for an explanation. His multi-utility gadget was just the right stuff for the elderly, he reasoned. The gadget had a light with a backup system, a fan, a siren, an FM/AM radio, a calculator that could even be used in the dark, a compass for navigation, a watch with alarm and headphones for the radio. The inventor had spent only Rs. 100 to get the gadget up and ready in one and half days. His only lament: he could not include a thermometer.