Ugadi…and the movie buzz…

Swarupa Pillaai tracks the Ugadi releases this year, and finds out what exciting news there is for cinema lovers during this prime festival season.

There is always plenty of hype during this festival for movie releases, and many producers ensure that post production and marketing is completed, so that they can officially announce its release for Ugadi. This year there are some interesting movies lined up for release, which should keep the fans happy.

A thriller called “Tick Tick Tick” is all set to hit the silver screen, but the cast is being kept under wraps for a surprise package to the audience. The movie is directed by Arunakanth under the banner Arunodaya Film Work. This film has been made to cater to every class, and is most likely to go down well with all the centers. The team has reportedly worked hard on the screenplay, and will bring a fresh feel to Kannada cinema this year.

While this team has plenty of new names even with the music and cast, another film being readied for release called “Hoo” has an established cast. It has Crazy Star Ravichandran, Namitha and Meera Jasmine, some of the most popular names of South cinema. This film is a remake of the Telugu blockbuster “Vasantham”.

Ravichandran directs and writes the screenplay besides playing the lead role. The film is produced by Dinesh Gandhi, and he reportedly spent a whopping Rs.50 lakhs just constructing a set for filming the songs in a studio.

The popular face of the young gen actresses of South cinema, Ramya (Divya Spandana) says, “I don't really remember if I have had a release during Ugadhi! But according to me, irrespective of this season, a release is a release. Every Friday is anxious! The highlight of Ugadhi though, is it is a given that people will make time and go watch a movie because it's a holiday and people love to watch movies during the festival time. But then again, if it's a good film, whenever released it will do well. If it's not it doesn't matter when its released doesn't do well”!

As multiplexes and single theatres gear up for the Ugadi releases this year, they are sure to rake in plenty of money in the opening weekend. Considering the fact that there are only a few releases this year, movie viewers will definitely queue up at multiplexes on Ugadi day to catch a glimpse of what stars and directors have to offer.