Two bodies recovered from debris

Staff Correspondent

They were found under the debris in the riverbed

Three cranes summoned for the search operation

BELLARY: After 46 hours after the collapse of Talwarghatta bridge across the Tungabhadra near Hampi, two bodies were recovered from the debris in the river bed.

Thanks to the efforts of two teams of expert divers and swimmers, from Sea Bird Naval Base and from Mangalore, and the Bellary district authorities, the two bodies were retrieved.

The search operation is still on.

The bodies were identified as Hulgappa (25) and Gadilinga of Venkatapur village, adjacent to Hampi. The body of Hulgappa was recovered at around 12.30 p.m. while that of Gadilinga at around 5 p.m.

According to the police, the swimmers, who were well equipped with oxygen and latest communication system, located the body of Hulgappa, caught under a pre-mix concrete lorry, which fell in the river after the bridge collapsed.

They strived hard to remove the body from under the lorry by shaking the vehicles and succeeded.

After retrieving the first body and the condition in which it was found, the search parties, along with the authorities, came out with another idea of giving a jerk to the debris by lifting the debris with the help of ropes and cables tied to the iron rods of the concrete to lift it by the help of people on standing on top of the bridge. The idea clicked when the second body, which was underneath of the debris, came floating.

After the success, Deputy Commissioner B. Shivappa and Superintendent of Police Seemant Kumar Singh, who were supervising the search operations, thought of making use of the cranes to not only give a powerful jerk and also to lift the debris to some extent so that the bodies that could have been entangled could come out floating.

Cranes sought

“Three cranes have arrived and one big crane with 100 tonnes of capacity is mounted on the bridge in Hampi side while two other cranes are located on the Anegundi side. These cranes will simultaneously lift the debris and give jerks so that if any bodies, that are caught inside, could come out,” Mr. Singh told The Hindu.

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